Job Placement

Access Community Employment Services

The Access Community Employment Program assists qualified participants in achieving their highest level of success in choosing, obtaining, maintaining, and/or advancing in a competitive career. Our program strives to break down the barriers that can keep people with disabilities from enjoying a successful career. In addition, it is not only the clientele who receive benefits, but the employers who partner with the Access Program as well. Such benefits include incentives offered through the government for employers who are interested in hiring Access participants in an attempt to diversify their workforce. Such incentives include: Tax credits, 50% savings on wages paid to the participant for the first 90 days of their employment, four weeks of cost free labor from a participant while the employer receives a “sneak peek” of the client’s capabilities before committing to a hiring decision, and many other cost-saving initiatives. To learn more about the benefits and opportunities offered through this program, contact Erika Boettcher at #920-674-8225.