2018 Giving Tuesday is November 27th!
Posted On: November 16, 2018

St. Coletta of Wisconsin will join the world in an incredible global event called, #Giving Tuesday. Join us for our #Giving Story.

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. #Giving Tuesday, November 27th follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #Giving Tuesday is a time to give to others in need. Celebrate your generosity by donating to St. Coletta’s sensory room assisting approximately 100 individuals to explore and interact in a safe environment without risks. Sensory rooms are designed to “both calm and stimulate the senses” in individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

An estimated 30% of the individuals at St. Coletta are diagnosed with autism but all individuals at St. Coletta will benefit from the sensory room. Individuals will be able to increase their concentration and focus attention, develop or reactivate senses of hearing, sight, touch and taste as well as, heighten awareness and improve alertness are just a few of the benefits the sensory room will provide.

Donate now at: