St. Coletta of Wisconsin Receives Highest Accreditation Possible
Posted On: March 13, 2015

~~Jefferson, WI. – Consumers face a variety of options when deciding what services to use and who should provide them. Accreditation is a sign of high quality in a number of areas and is an important consideration during the decision making process.

St. Coletta of Wisconsin is proud to announce they have been awarded the highest CARF accreditation for its programs & services. CARF, formerly named the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities’ is a mandatory requirement in a number of states but not Wisconsin. St. Coletta voluntarily participates in this accreditation process, which consists of thousands of rigorous standards in an effort to continuously improve upon their practices.

During the three day CARF survey, an internal examination is done by multiple surveyors who comb through a number of policies, procedures and reporting systems to ensure best practices are being performed in all areas. Departments that are thoroughly looked at include: residential programming, med administration, health & wellness, safety, accessibility, human rights, technology, financial planning, human resources, leadership and risk management. The surveyors spend time interviewing different stakeholders that comprise of staff members, family members, funding sources and the Board of Directors.

After the survey concludes, CARF prepares a written report of the provider’s strengths and areas for improvement. Based on the results, if the provider has sufficiently demonstrated its conformance to the standards, it earns a one or three-year CARF accreditation. Along with the each accreditation, typically come recommendations for service improvements.

St. Coletta earned an impressive three year accreditation with no recommendations made in any department. Surveyor and former Goodwill Vice President, John T. Collins stated during the exit conference, “We are pleased to present St. Coletta with a three-year year accreditation with no recommendations. This rarely happens and in the 23 years I’ve been with CARF, this has only happened to me one other time. The services and programs here are outstanding and I can see how much hard work and dedication goes into this organization. The mission to serve people with disabilities is taken seriously and the spirit of the Franciscan order is alive and well.”

Some of the strengths expressed during the exit conference included: a vast range of healthcare knowledge & training, a dedicated nursing staff, an outstanding safety program, an extensive client handbook that clearly defines their rights & responsibilities, innovative uses of technology, the longevity of the leadership, a deeply committed interim leader and a very caring Board of Directors.

In addition, CARF surveyor Bob Eickmeier acknowledged that, “Your homes reflect the respect you have for the individuals you serve and it was so nice to see the pride clients have for their residence. Many times this is not the case and the steps you’ve taken to make upgrades are impressive.”

So where do you go once you earn an almost perfect accreditation? Chief Operating Officer and Interim Leader, Ted Behncke says this is only the beginning. “We are truly driven by the desire to offer quality services to people with developmental disabilities and other challenges that not only meet certain needs but enrich and enhance their lives in the process. We greatly appreciate the recognition from CARF and will continue to move in a direction that will further improve our programs and services.”

St. Coletta of Wisconsin has a longstanding and well-earned reputation for creating and managing first-class residential and vocational programs for people with developmental disabilities and other challenges for over 110 years. For more information please visit or call #920-674-4330.