St. Coletta Client, Julia Rossiter, Receives Community Recognition
Posted On: May 31, 2013

Jefferson, Wisconsin. -  Friends and family a like celebrated alongside Julia Rossiter while she excitedly accepted her FRED award at Jefferson’s annual Unity Day on Wednesday, May 29th. "Fred" award winners are nominated by local residents and include a variety of people who have touched the local community and left it a better place. Julia is well known throughout the community for energetically walking down the streets of Jefferson toting a metal cart. During the winter, Julia brings a shovels and salt along to help clear the walkways, making the crosswalks safer for other walkers in the community. She also volunteers regularly at St. John’s the Baptist school and is an avid public library user. Julia grew up in Jefferson at St. Coletta’s school and she frequently thanks her parents, her sisters and the nuns at St. Coletta for guiding her to become a good community citizen. As her nominee described, “Julia Rossiter is a perfect example of a ‘Character in Action’ in the community” and at her friends and family couldn’t agree more! Congrats to Julia for her accomplishment.