St. Coletta Celebrates Developmental Disabilities Awareness Year-Round
Posted On: March 1, 2013


Jefferson, WI – March has been recognized as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month since 1987. Former President Ronald Reagan called on the American people to pay greater attention to the needs and challenges of individuals who have developmental disabilities all-the-while helping provide new opportunities for them.  However, to the family and friends of St. Coletta of Wisconsin, that awareness is celebrated year-round.
St. Coletta of Wisconsin provides support services to adults with disabilities that enables them to live independently within the community, including housing, vocational training, recreation and overall support. Each year St. Coletta of Wisconsin introduces a new theme throughout the organization to celebrate their mission; ‘Inspired by the Franciscan Values of compassion, dignity and respect, we support persons with developmental and other challenges to achieve their highest quality of life, personal growth and spiritual awareness’.
This year’s theme is “Shepherds of the Mission”, a celebration that emphasizes how each and every person can and should advocate for such a worthy cause. 
“In celebration of this year’s theme, we have hosted a number of events through our various locations including a company-wide coffee break, food drive for a local pantry, an employee recognition dinner and our annual client recognition dinner.  Both dinners celebrate personal milestones of the individual for their time spent with St. Coletta of Wisconsin.  From the food drive to the recognition dinners, Mission Effectiveness week reminds us of the importance, dignity and value of each human life”, says Steve Steele, Director of Mission Effectiveness.
At St. Coletta, the celebration of people with developmental disabilities will continue year-round throughout the organization and the community.“Individuals with developmental disabilities impact our lives in very significant ways and I encourage people to recognize those challenges and achievements all year long. It is with your help that we can and will support these individuals to the best of our ability for as long as we are blessed to”, says Tony LoDuca, President and CEO.
For more information on the services provided by St. Coletta of Wisconsin or to learn ways to help in advocacy efforts, please visit them at