Throughout St. Coletta's long history, volunteers have played an important role in the development of the organization. Volunteer opportunities are available to best match each person's interests.

Through a strong collaboration with local universities, student internships and field study opportunities are available in many professional areas such as human resources, finance, marketing, social work, and more. Internships are provided at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Best Buddies International, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by fostering one-to-one friendships. St. Coletta serves as a host site for the University of Wisconsin's Madison and Whitewater chapters of Best Buddies International. The premise of Best Buddies is helping to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have a friend. Socialization is one of the simplest, but most often underestimated, solutions to the pattern of exclusion that people with developmental disabilities have faced for decades. To learn more about joining the St. Coletta community as a volunteer or intern, please contact Elizabeth Weber at #920-674-8267.