Career Testimonials

Our staff is the primary reason we are recognized as a leader in support services for adults with developmental disabilities. The commitment and dedication of the St. Coletta staff is unwavering and is reflected in the quality of care we provide to all people served. Take a look at why our staff considers St. Coletta to be a premier employer!


What do you enjoy the most about working at St. Coletta?

"I really enjoy the indviduals we serve and the staff. Also, I am at this time, the only Sister of St.Francis of Assisi now at St. Coletta. I feel this is both a great privilege and a responsibility, as St. Coletta is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. Hopefully, I bring forth the Franciscan Values and hospitality that we are known for. This is my Ministry and not just a job."

Sister Grace Schauf, OSF


“The things that I like about St. Coletta so far are the willingness of people and the passion for the clients. I like that it is very person centered.  The fact that there are always fundraising and opportunities to make the lives of these individuals better is something that I want to be a part of. I have only been with St. Coletta for about four months but I am enjoying being with the company thus far and can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Desiree Konieczko


“What I like about St. Coletta is the variety that every day holds.  There is always something changing, something new to do, someone new to meet … and that keeps life interesting.”

Diane Pinnow


“I think of St. Coletta's as more a community than just employer, a place where things can be tried, where changes are abounding with opportunity to help people grow to their given potential. 

All of our day and vocational programs at St. Coletta help people to be who they are and who they want to be.”

Bob Schmidt


“St. Coletta means a lot to me as it has for the past 36 years. St. Coletta is a very progressive facility that never stands still; we never miss an opportunity to teach, to advocate, and to better life not only for the people we serve but for staff members, community members, and others whose lives we touch. We embrace our history and use it to form our future; a future that is certain to continue to enrich lives for years to come.”

Geralyn Dorn


What I like about St. Coletta is coming to work every day and seeing the clients it feels like great seeing the smiles on their faces and listening to them about all different kinds of things. For me working at St. Coletta and being involved with Best Buddies, Adult Education, Special Olympics is the greatest feeling in the world. St. Coletta is like my second family and feel very blessed to be working for an extraordinary company and for a company that cares for their employees like they do.

Nichole Will


My dad was the one who introduced me to St. Coletta. He worked as a lifeguard in the school when he was in high school and college. He talked about it being the most rewarding job he has ever done. And now I get to say the same.

Samantha Noel


"There are so many things that St. Coletta offers that other businesses do not. St. Coletta has opened the eyes of a community to the world of disability. St. Coletta is living proof that every single person in this world is capable of so much. It has showed me what I long for my daughter. A world that accepts her for who she is. St. Coletta gave me hope that when my child gets older, the world will and cannot be so cruel.

St. Coletta just gave me more confidence to be an advocate for my daughter. Showed me that the world is at her feet and she is capable of accomplishing what she wants to do in life.

There is always people in the world that are not educated in the world of people with disabilities. An experience that I have had before is when I told someone that my daughter has autism, and she looked at me and said “Sorry”.  My response was “Why are you sorry, do not be sorry, my daughter just looks at the world differently, she is her own person and she does not learn at a normal pace, but being normal is so common, she is extraordinary.” This is what St. Coletta shows me, that in this world, my daughter is capable of anything.  If I were to describe St. Coletta in one word... I would say LOVE."

Desiree Cuna


"St. Coletta’s moon shot initiative has given me the opportunity to continue to do what I love, and be able to make a livable wage. Before, I was making a wage that had me wondering if I left this line of work, for a better paying job.  Coming to St. Coletta, I get to continue to do what I love, and afford to live.

As a newer employee with this company, I am able to see what the heart and soul of this place is, and it is the people. To continue to facilitate an environment that helps people feel connected, and like they belong. Like they are able to dream, and are given a chance to touch those dreams. It is great. The fact that we are called to be a part of this community of love and friendship, it just means a lot."

 Melissa Zubke


"St. Coletta means to me, working together to build something greater than yourself."

Robin Baker