St. Coletta Management Philosophy

Consistent with our Franciscan Values, the leadership of St. Coletta of Wisconsin is committed to a results-oriented workplace that adheres to the highest ethical standards.

We work together to create a culture that supports innovation, teamwork, timely communication, fiscal stewardship and accountability. We are dedicated to recognizing and developing leadership skills and quality employees within our workforce.

No matter where we work, we will share the same strategic goals and will deliver a consistent service experience that provides the best quality of life for those individuals that we are privileged to support and that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Franciscan Values

  • Creating a caring community.
  • Sharing compassion for others.
  • Reverence for creation.
  • Peacemaking.

Business Values

  • Delivering quality programs and services that are consistent across all service areas.
  • Providing market driven services.
    • Service innovation
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer service orientation
    • Seizing opportunities
  • Maximizing resources/accountability.
    • Fiscal stewardship
    • Work ethic(s)
    • Ethical standards
    • Environmental stewardship
  • Committed to proactive communication and relationship building.
    • Personal respect
    • Sustained sense of urgency
    • Quick reaction to internal/external requests
    • Open, honest communication
    • Approachable leadership
    • Delivery of clear, concise messages
  • Fostering a culture of cooperation (teamwork).
    • A commitment to a global St. Coletta community
    • Honesty
  • Supporting a culture of continuous improvement.
    • Talent acquisition
    • Talent management
    • Customer satisfaction
  • Believing in the important role of spirituality in program, business and personal development.
    • Franciscan Values
    • Creating a holistic work environment
    • Nurturing mind, body, spirit
  • Guided by a respect for the individual person.
    • Believing in the potential of people
    • Meeting identified outcomes
    • Developing people
    • Demonstrating creativity and innovation